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Blockchain based

BlockStamper is a very simple way to make your and all the stakeholders involved in your supply chain clear about your pproducts quality and authenticity.

The blockchain technology allow all our clients to use a permissionned or a private blockchain network and contribute to a secure global validation network. Kind of public blockchain, with fixed transactions fees and no crypto-blabla...

No magic

All the code used to deliver our products are open sourced and supported by the community

True value

Our service deliver value both to your client and your suppliers

Easy to use

Describe your supply chain and follow your products batchs

Designed to value the makers doing the right choices for tomorrow.

Climate change, we need to change faster. By using BlockStamper services, all the makers can ensure their product traceability. They can share the ressources used to build their products, and manage its lifecycle.

Earth ressources are limited. From extraction to upcycling, all the product life is now stamped in a blockchain, allowing a new kind of circular economy.

Describe or connect your business processes and produce a beautiful timeline... blockchain based.

At each stage of your supply chain and production process, datas are collected and stored in a blockchain. Now inter-companies operations, including payment or escrow can be automated thanks to a common shared ledger.

All the traceability of the product is then accessible to the client thanks to a QR code, displaying a beatifull responsive timeline. So yes, this service is made for companies creating great product delivering sustainable value.

What's more ? Our client use BlockStampr as part of their product marketing strategy. The QR Code allow to create new strategies, and the permissionned blockchain keep it GPDR complient.


You don't need to know what blockchain is to use BlockStampr.

Describe your Business process

Just drag and drop boxes and circle to describe what is your product journey from ground to customer hands.

Start a new session

Log data for evey products or production batch by connecting existing applications or using a custom one.

Your shared ledger

Grant access to spécific data for third parties involvet in the production process. Give them the ability to ever audit you on the fly.

Stay in control

Check all your process workflows and keep your team under control.

A global solution

BlockStampr app can be used by you and your suppliers. Spécific needs, host your nodes and tweak your network governance.

Transparency is the new trust

If your clients can trust your products and be aware of your company impact efforts, they will love you more, won't they ?

Why choose us?

We design blockchain networks for the industry, and keep it simple.

Industry 3.0

Is about production decentralization and relocalization. Traceability is no more an option.

Proof of impact

Demonstrate your ability to create a positive impact among all your value chain.

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Tech for good

We think that being able to deliver traceability at scale is a massive competitive advantage for the next decade.

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